From Australia’s Whovention GOLD: Camille Coduri Fondly Recalls Working with David Tennant


This weekend JoJo, one of the DT Forum’s bloggers and moderators is attending the Doctor Who Club of Australia’s convention. Australia’s Whovention: GOLD 2013 features three guests: Louise Jamieson, Leela, Warrior of the Sevateem and companion of the Fourth Doctor, Camille Coduri, Jackie Tyler, Rose Tyler’s mother and Dudley Simpson, the composer for many of the classic Who episodes.

JoJo is still attending the convention but did manage to give a few David Tennant tidbits from Camille Coduri’s talk.

Camille spoke very fondly about working with David.

She described him as an ‘excited puppy’ – and went on to call him ‘their saviour’ .

After working with Chris, who she described as very intense, David she says was ‘like all your birthdays and Christmas every day. He never complains about anything. Ever. Which was a bit weird at first, but that’s just him!’

We hope to hear more details when the convention finishes. In the meantime we hope she has a lot of fun.


  1. David King says

    WHOVENTION : GOLD was fantastic, over 2 1/2 days, with guests Camille Coduri, Louise Jameson, Dudley Simpson, Dan Hall (BBC commissioning Producer Classic Series) Austen Atkinson & his team of animators (talking about Tenth Planet animation) & Rob LLoys (Comedian, who performed WHO, ME) The weekend was well run & all facilities were close by, including public transport. Cost was extremely reasonable, with price of admission including two autographs from each guest.

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