Doctor Who: David Tennant Memorabilia Still On Top, But Matt Smith is Gaining


When Peter Capaldi was announced as the actor who will take on the iconic role of the Doctor in his 12th incarnation, Doctor Who fans flocked to eBay to stock up on memorabilia from previous regenerations. According to a Radio Times article, outgoing Eleventh Doctor Matt Smith’s merchandise was up 80% on the popular selling site, but Eleven’s sales still can’t compete with Ten.

Tenth Doctor David Tennant collectibles were still the most popular in the days after the announcement, with Matt Smith, Fourth Doctor Tom Baker, First Doctor William Hartnell, and Second Doctor Patrick Troughton rounding out the top five.

Steven Heywood, a spokesperson for eBay, said “Fans have been flocking to the site following the announcement of the new Doctor and with over 84,000 Doctor Who related live listings, offers fans the perfect platform to get their hands on unique and bespoke pieces of memorabilia.”

Source: Radio Times

Jill Ousey

Jill Ousey

Jill Ousey is an avid David Tennant and Doctor Who fan, and she is thrilled to be writing for David Tennant News by the DT Forum. While someday she hopes to travel across the pond, she currently lives in the U.S. When she's not busy writing and social networking, Jill is a customer service professional working in e-commerce. 


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