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David Tennant   Pic: BBC


David Tennant has a number of drama and comedy appearances on BBC Radio this week.


David continues to read the new Iain Banks novel Stonemouth for the Book At Bedtime slot on BBC Radio 4. Stonemouth is the tale of Stewart Gilmour who returns to the Scottish coastal town of his youth after a long exile and runs straight back into the world of menace that he left behind. So far in the story, Stewart has reminisced about his relationship with the Murstons, Stonemouth’s big crime family, and his former lover Ellie, the granddaughter of Joe Murston whose funeral he has returned to attend. The programme details for the remaining episodes are:


Episode 6: Tonight the reasons for Stewart’s flight from Stonemouth five years ago, and his enforced exile, are finally revealed. (Monday 26th March)

Episode 7: Stewart’s life is inextricably entwined with the Murstons. He reveals a surprise visit in London by Ellie’s sister Grier, whilst in the present day the two former lovers finally meet for the first time in five years. (Tuesday 27th March)

Episode 8: Ignoring the threats from Ellie’s brothers, she and Stewart are spending more and more time together. However, when everyone gathers for Joe Murston’s funeral tensions rise. (Wednesday 28th March)

Episode 9: Joe Murston’s funeral brings Stewart back to the hotel where he was photographed with Jel. As the Murstons get more drunk, tension mounts – and Stewart makes a dramatic discovery. (Thursday 29th March)

Episode 10: Iain Banks’ novel concludes tonight with a reunion of childhood friends on the beach. Stewart and Ellie think of their future, but her brother has other ideas. (Friday 30th March)


Book At Bedtime: Stonemouth can be heard on BBC Radio 4 at 10.45pm on weeknights


On Wednesday, BBC Radio 4 Extra continue their repeat broadcasts of comedy series Double Income No Kids Yet. David played Daniel Mason for three series of the sitcom about a married but childless couple. In this weeks episode from series 2, first broadcast in 2002, Daniel and Lucy find out what happens when you look up old friends via school reunion sites. Double Income No Kids is on BBC Radio 4 Extra at 9am on Wednesday 28th March with a repeat at 2am on Thursday morning.


David Tennant won a BBC Audio Drama Best Actor award for his role as Franz Kafka in Murray Gold’s Kafka The Musical earlier this year. BBC Radio 3 are repeating the play on Sunday 1st April at 8.30pm. In the musical drama, a dying and delirious Kafka wakes to find that he had to play himself in a musical based on his own life.


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