David Tennant Not Returning To The Gobetweenies



David Tennant will not be returning to the BBC Radio 4 sitcom The Gobetweenies for its second series.


David Tennant starred as divorced father Joe in the first series who, along with ex-wife Mimi (Sarah Alexander) struggles with the trials of shared parenting across two different households. In series 2, which begins on Friday 6th July, the role of Joe is taken by Mark Bonnar.


From the Radio Times website:


The eclectic north-London family is back for a second series in this popular comedy drama from writer Marcella Evaristi. Sarah Alexander and Mark Bonnar play divorced parents Mimi and Joe, who find common ground in the trials and tribulations of their children Tom and Lucy. 

In this first episode, Joe talks Tom out of garroting his mother’s fictional creations, “You are a boy, boys are crap at sneaky”, while Mimi bursts Lucy’s inflated ego as she prepares to audition for the school production of Oliver!

At times, this squabbling suburban sitcom feels all too familiar, retreading the same tired path as the Brockman family in Outnumbered. However, the razor-sharp dialogue, disarming charm and excellent cast more than make up for its shortcomings.


While no reason has been given for David’s absence it is most likely that his current heavy filming schedule has made it impossible to continue in the role. David recently returned from filming The Spies Of Warsaw in Poland and has gone straight into production of The Politician’s Husband.


The new six-part series can be heard on Fridays starting from 6th July at 11.30am on BBC Radio 4. The Gobetweenies is produced by Gordon Kennedy for ABsoLuTeLy Productions


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