Perhaps there is some chance that David Tennant will be in a movie adaptation of a comic book. According to the latest issue of Total Film Magazine, there is Hollywood interest in turning the comic book series America’s Got Powers into a movie.

America’s Got Powers is a six-issue miniseries created by UK TV presenter and chat show host Jonathan Ross and Marvel Comics artist Bryan Hitch (Fantastic Four, Stormwatch). The series features a character based on the image of David Tennant. America’s Got Powers tells the story of the aftermath of an event in San Francisco when a mysterious stone gave superpowers to a number of newborn babies. Years later, the babies are now teens and are battling one another in a brutal TV show. The David Tennant look-a-like, Professor Colin Syell, is the dark Simon Cowell-type figure behind the show.

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Bryan Hitch was asked by Total Film Magazine:


TFM: Has there been any interest from Hollywood in your creator owned book, America’s Got Powers with Jonathan Ross?

Hitch: Yup, there has been and stuff is moving very nicely thank you!


We have our fingers crossed for both the movie adaptation and a certain actor that might resemble Professor Colin Syell.

For more details on America’s Got Powers, see our previous news blogs on the comic book series.

Thanks to Comic Book Movie for the heads up.

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